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COMFAST 150mbps  USB Wireless Adapter for Raspberry Pi (CF-WU810N)


What is a Wireless Usb Adapter Used for?


A wireless usb adapter is used to give a wireless device like a printer, access to print remotely. The usb adapter is plugged in to cpu and the device and be anywhere in the residence.

A wireless USB adapter is a great tool to use for desktop or laptop computers without wireless capabilities. You just plug it into the USB port on the computer and the computer will then be able to connect to wireless internet.


Why Do I Want a Wireless Adapter?


Wireless networking has added a degree of flexibility and connectivity for both business and personal use that was, until recently, unthinkable. The technology allows for fast and easy setup of a relatively simple network in the home or one thatis widespread throughout a business. Further, it does it all without the expensive and inconvenient infrastructure associated with a wired network. Use of USB  wireless adapters also allows for making internet connections at an ever-growing number of public locations like cafés and hotels. They also allow for direct ad hoc connections between Wi-Fi enabled devices without the inclusion of infrastructure devices like a router.


There are a number of prevalent wireless technologies that affect just about all of our daily lives. Most ubiquitous are the cell phone networks. Bluetooth, a short-range technology that pairs wireless devices to one another, is also common. But when it comes to wireless networking, the specific technology involved is Wi-Fi. The wireless adapters featured in this review site are vital components of Wi-Fi connectivity.


It’s true that most newer laptop computers generally come with Wi-Fi built in. Even with such computers, the role for wireless adapters is widespread. Many laptops have older versions of Wi-Fi and therefore can’t take advantage of the tremendous improvements that are contained in the current standard. Additionally, the integrated Wi-Fi is typically single band which limits its ability to stream high definition, bandwidth-intensive content. The older standards are also much more susceptible to interference from other electronic devices.


Product Description:

COMFAST CF-WU810N is the Realtek RTL8188CUS 150Mbps most fashionable pocket wifi adapter for android tablet, smallest invisible super mini  outside design, small and exquisite, it won't take much room to use and it is very convenient to take along.


It built in smart antenna, can sharply strengthen the wireless signals receiving ability, wireless stability and signals covering range.


CF-WU810N pocket wifi adapter for android tablet adopts the newest network transmission technology IEEE802.11N and Green WLAN, transmission rate up to 150Mbps. Compare with the traditional 54 Mbps 11G products, it has more wireless bandwidth, making the LAN data transmission higher efficiency, it can reduce the network delay, make the voice and video chat and Video-On-Demand more fluent. At the same time, it can support wireless roaming, guarantee the wireless connecting.


CF-WU810N pocket wifi adapter for android tablet also adopts the newest International wireless CCA(Clear Channel Assessment)channel  detecting technology, When it detected out that its around has wireless signals disturbing, it can adapt itself to the frequency mode automatically, avoiding other channels disturbing and making the wireless signals more stable. When the disturbing disappear, it can tied up the leisure channel again, promoting the wireless performance.


Besides, it also can support WMM audio/video priority function, making the media audio/video  transmit more fluently. This invisible wireless adapter can be a WIFI emitter, connecting with other pc and shared the WIFI wireless network.

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